There are lots of ways to make money from the internet using just your phone or any other device that gives you access to the internet, online surveys happen to be one of the more popular ways. An online survey is a questionnaire that you can complete online to help businesses, individuals, and organizations improve their performance.

Lots of businesses desire to know how they can improve their customer experience and win more customers, to do this they need to understand what prospective customers want. So, they create questions for people to answer to obtain data that they can analyze and use to get more customers.

The cool thing is that they even pay people to help answer these questions.

There are lots of online survey websites, these websites collect a lot of surveys which people can complete and earn money or earn rewards.

It’s quite easy, all you have to do is spend some time, answer the questions, and get paid or earn some other kind of reward.


Here’s a list of the most reliable online survey websites where you can earn money or rewards

  1. Timebucks

Timebucks is one of the top and best survey websites. Their payment method is quite variable.

Payment is made primarily through Skrill, Payoneer, Bitcoin and Bank Transfer. The minimum amount withdrawable is $10. This means that you cannot withdraw your money via any platform until you have won $10 or more.

Major ways to make money on this paid survey website include:

  • You can perform tasks, such as micro-tasking,
  • Watching online content
  • Social media tasks
  • Play games
  • Install apps
  • Taking surveys,
  • Accepting paid offers.


  1. Mobrog

Mobrog is one of the very popular and best survey sites. To register on Mobrog, you will need a valid email address and a PayPal account with the same email address.

Along with the registration, you will also need to fill in your name, age, gender, place of residence, and other important information.

Having completed your registration, you will be invited via your email to take part in their online survey. Mobrog will always tell you how much you will earn and how much time you will spend completing surveys. This will let you know whether the time you are investing in an online survey website is worth it.

Mobrog has a payout limit of £4. Mobrog has its official app. This makes it easier for many people across the globe to access.


  1. SurveyTime

SurveyTime is another paid survey website in high demand. Its surveys are easy and low-risk. To start a survey on SurveyTime, you must first register, after which, SurveyTime pays you $1 for each survey you complete. They are also appreciated because they pay their users without wasting time.

There is no withdrawal limit in SurveyTime. Even if you win $5, you can still withdraw your money.


  1. Triaba

Triaba is yet another top survey website that is easy to use. The user interface of the website makes the survey site even more attractive and easy to navigate through.

If you use PayPal or gift cards as your payment method, then the Triaba survey website might be just the best online survey website for you.

On Triaba, how much you earn for taking surveys depends entirely on the type of survey and the company conducting the survey. You can request or withdraw your winnings when the $7 payout limit is reached. However, it may be difficult for some users to reach the payout limit in a day because Triaba doesn’t have many surveys to go around.


  1. QuickThoughts

QuickThoughts is another survey website you can use to earn money online. It is fast in terms of registering as a user on the platform and gives you survey questions immediately after registration.

On the QuickThoughts, you can receive Amazon gift codes and iTunes gift codes in exchange for passing the survey.

The minimum withdrawal limit on QuickThoughts is $10. Once this limit is reached, you can request a code and you can redeem your rewards quickly.

To start earning on this popular survey site, you need to register first.


  1. WowApp

If you love to do something new regularly every day, then “WowApp” might just be the right survey platform for you. With the Wow app, you can call and chat, get cashback while shopping online, read news, and accept paid offers.

WowApp is flexible in terms of paying its users. You can be paid by bank transfer, mobile credit, PayPal, and more. Another reason why the WowApp is the best among surveys is that it has no payout limits. This means that no matter how much you win, you can cash out any day, any time.


  1. PalmResearch

PalmResearch withdrawal limit is $10. You can get paid at your fingertips when you participate in product reviews and focus groups

On PalmResearch you can help shape and develop new products and services in the market. PalmResearch membership is free and they pay via PayPal.


  1. ySense

ySense offers multiple ways of earning. You can earn by taking surveys, completing micro tasks, accepting paid offers, and receiving daily activity bonuses. Sometimes patience is needed to find surveys that you qualify for, so be sure to look at some of the other ways to earn as well. The payment threshold is $5

You can withdraw your money via PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, or gift card as per your choice.


  1. Honeygain

Honeygain can be a way to earn some extra money completely online. However, this site is not for everyone.

Here you earn by sharing your unused internet, so it is only relevant if you have an unlimited and fast internet plan. If you do, it can be a really easy way to earn some extra cash.

Once you get up to $20, you can withdraw your winnings. And if you sign up via an invite link, you’ll immediately receive a $5 signup bonus in your account.


  1. FeaturePoint

FeaturePoint is a unique survey website where you can watch videos, download apps, and enter free contests on their platform.

You must have earned at least $3 before you can withdraw. The site is also user-friendly which helps users to have a good experience on the platform.



It is possible to earn legit money from online survey websites. You may not necessarily make thousands of dollars, but what you earn on these platforms can be used to support your daily expenses and utility bills.

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