Online Investment Platforms that Pay Daily

Online Investment Platforms that Pay Daily

Online Investment Platforms that Pay Daily

There are lots of online investment platforms in Nigeria that allow you to invest in almost any on-demand asset, from crowdfunding farm farms and real estate properties to treasury bonds and even investing in both local and foreign stocks, but this takes time.

However, if you’re looking for a platform to invest in, make money quickly and continuously, get paid daily, then you’re going to love this guide, as this is a list of the latest paying sites in Nigeria, and of course, they aren’t the regular investment platforms that take a lot of time before you begin to make money from them.

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  1. Owodaily

Owodaily is a digital job-based platform or community where you have access to unlimited digital jobs shared daily on the platform. You earn money by applying for simple tasks like sharing posts on Instagram or Facebook, liking posts, etc. You can also promote affiliate offers shared by businesses to earn a commission when the job is completed.

On Owodaily, you get paid between N10-N50 per task and even up to a maximum of N5000 per task, after completing a particular task, you are required to upload the proof before getting paid.

You can then withdraw directly to your bank account after earning at least N5,000 and completing as many tasks as you can.

Earning on owodaily is very easy as the tasks are very simple and quick to complete. The tasks available are not limited to Facebook and Instagram, it extends to Twitter, YouTube, etc.

You can gain access to the platform after paying a one-time membership fee of N3000.

  1. Naira4all

Naira4all is an online trading platform designed to enable Nigerians to earn real and legitimate money online in multiple ways. They offer their premium members world-class services and life-changing information products, so they can start earning money online in minutes.

On this platform, premium members earn money by:

  • Browse the website and display ads.
  • Get paid for sharing links on the Internet. They earn for every person who visits their link.
  • Earn N1,500 locally for every person who joins naira4 through them.

Getting started is easy. You need to create a free account first and then upgrade your free membership to a premium membership.

  1. Ysense

Ysense is a platform that has paid out over $34 million to its users since 2007, has a very good site survey page, and has over 30 million members.

On Ysense all you have to do is complete a task, and you immediately see your cash reward. They help market researchers and others who rely on consumer power while offering their members a variety of opportunities to earn.

To earn on Ysense, you test new services, watch videos, sign up for websites, and more.

If you are looking for an easy way to earn money online and get paid almost daily, then Ysense survey might be what you are looking for.

And they have many ways for you to capitalize on your winnings.

  1. Timebucks

On Timebucks you complete a few tasks and get paid. You earn by taking surveys, watching videos, viewing websites, posting or following people on TikTok, Solving captchas, through daily bonuses, weekly sweepstakes, and through the referral program.

Payment Method: Bitcoin, PayPal, Neteller, Payoneer, Bank Transfer, AirTM

Minimum Cashout/Threshold: $10

Withdrawal Processing Time: 24-48hours every Thursday

  1. RemoTasks

RemoteTask is a micro-tasking site that pays users to complete small, easy tasks.

By performing these simple tasks, you’ll be helping RemoTasks customers (small startups and large public companies) build and train smart AI

Remotasks is legit. They’ve been around since 2017 and have a large community of workers, they’re active on socials (mainly Facebook/Instagram) and Discord, they have a helpful support team, and most importantly, they pay.

  1. Offer Nation

This survey site has been in business since 2012 (more than 9 years now) and one amazing thing about them is that, unlike other sites, even if you don’t pass a particular survey, you will still get points, as consolation for the time wasted.

So if you can spend half an hour or an hour a day here, you can earn money and there is also a referral program where you earn 25% for inviting other people to the platform.

  1. CashKarm

This is an android survey app that lets you earn points for answering questions which you can convert to cash

The various ways you earn points include:

  • Taking CashKarm surveys
  • Signup bonus (you earn this when you signup through an invite link)
  • Through watching app trailers and videos
  • badges
  • spinning a wheel of paid offers and deals

CashKarm accepts Nigerians, so you can go ahead to sign up and start taking surveys, earn and cash out when you reach the minimum payment threshold but this doesn’t pay to PayPal.

  1. PalmResearch

PalmResearch works in Nigeria and you earn hereby:

taking daily surveys, Adhoc surveys, clinic trial surveys, Referring new members, etc.

That’s pretty much it on the ways you earn with palm research plus they have a fair minimum payout.

  1. st is a link shortener site, a website where you can shorten links and also get paid when people click through that link and see ads.

It also has a referral program where you earn a 20% commission for everyone you refer. Minimum/Payment threshold is $5 for withdrawals to Paypal or Webmoney and Payoneer is $20

  1. Nairainflow/Chop40k

On Nairainflow you are provided with many online business opportunities to earn money as well as the resources needed to do that like:

  • How you can earn up to $250 on Clickbank
  • Earning $100 daily using Crypto
  • How to set up a PayPal account in Nigeria that receives payment and how to earn $10 daily from it. Etc.
  • Plus, they have a very profitable affiliate program.

The minimum withdrawal is N6,000


Making money online has never been easier than it is now. These websites and platforms are among the best of there and with the payment of a little, one-time membership fee, you can commence on your journey to making lots of money online


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