Top 11 Best LMIA Jobs in Canada for Immigrants

best LMIA jobs in Canada for immigrants

Best LMIA Jobs in Canada for Immigrants

Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is a document that every Canadian employer must have in other to be eligible to apply recruit international workers from different countries. When LMIA comes into the picture, a lot of controversies follow as it might not allow some candidates to enter the country and seek employment.

The following list includes the top 11 best LMIA jobs in Canada for foreign nationals who want to move to Canada. The position may vary based on the job experience, salary, location, etc. For this reason, each applicant is advised to research the various positions before applying.

LMIA job provides you with an opportunity to meet your needs by improving your skillset and enabling you to gain exposure in your field of interest. Moreover, if you are interested in pursuing further studies, it can open up several doors of opportunities for you. Now let’s check out the list: Canadian Bureau of Labor Statistics Job Opportunities: (2019)

These jobs offer a better work-life balance than any other job available for foreigners. There are various interesting career opportunities such as project manager, analysts, data collector, survey researcher, financial services worker, statistical clerk, education program specialist, census collector, human resources specialist, database manager, economist, quality assurance analyst, regional statistics coordinator, management specialist, education specialist, labor relations specialist, legal analyst, accounts receivable clerk, administrative support staff, budget analyst, economic development analyst, agricultural statistician, transportation planner, computer technician, biostatistician, statistical programmer, business intelligence analyst, general science technician, policy and evaluation analyst, economics research assistant, economist, mathematical statistician, software developer, customer service agent. We have explained the duties of some of the top LMIA jobs in Canada for immigrants.


Top 11 Best LMIA Jobs in Canada for Immigrants

1. Truck Driver

Different industries and sectors in Canada have the need for transportation. There is always a need to transport finished products to the market or raw materials to factories. Truck Driving jobs are among the most sort out jobs in Canada. So many companies or employers who have the need for a truck driver often require an LMIA in other get a driver’s work permit.


2. Construction Managers

These professionals manage all construction-related matters on site, ensuring that work progresses as planned. They ensure that health and safety regulations are followed and workers’ rights are respected. Their tasks can include arranging subcontractors, ordering equipment, budgeting, overseeing maintenance and renovations, as well as planning projects. 

Construction managers must be organized and efficient to meet deadlines and requirements.


3. Landscaper

There is a big demand for landscape designers in Canada. It is not easy to make landscaping happen without someone on site, ensuring that everything runs smoothly. With this job, the focus is not only on design but also on maintaining the overall condition of the land.


4. Wood Working & Joinery

There is a lot of demand for woodworking & joinery professionals in Canada. Many organizations are looking for people who can take care of various types of woodworking projects.


5. Welder

Welding jobs are popular because they involve doing complex jobs without needing too much assistance. A welding job involves soldering metal together using high heat and/or electrical energy. There are different types of welding jobs available for different skill levels.


6. Electronics Engineer

As more electronics enter our daily lives, we see more opportunities for those who specialize in this area. A degree in electronics engineering provides many employment opportunities in various industries.


7. Technician

The technician field is relatively new and offers plenty of opportunities for those who enjoy troubleshooting electronic problems and offering repair services.


8. Hospitality Professional

Restaurants, hotels, spas, resorts, cafes, bars, nightclubs, catering services, amusement parks, museums, libraries, shops, airlines, airports, travel agencies, travel offices, tourist guides, tourism authorities, cruises, restaurants, shopping malls, coffee shops, boutique hotels, private parties, large-scale festivals, amusement parks, car hire companies, event managers, are all places persons in the hospitality field can work.


9. Farm Supervisor

According to the Government of Canada’s Employment Insurance Act, employment insurance coverage applies to farmworkers if they meet certain criteria. Eligibility criteria include that they work full-time on the farm and at least 35 hours per week on average during the months of November to April. Additionally, their working conditions must also meet specific requirements such as accommodation must be nearby and may not be farther than 100 km from the workplace. Their annual hours worked may not exceed 1,884 hours during a 15-week period.


10. Caregiver

For children aged up to 12 years old are you caring for a child aged up to 12 years old? As a caregiver, you are eligible for benefits under the Old Age Security (OAS) program and the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) program. These programs provide monthly payments and can help offset the costs of housing, food, health care, clothing, heat, etc. Find out more information on how to apply for benefits under these programs.

Home Care Provider For adults over 18 years old you can qualify for home care services if you have been certified by a qualified medical practitioner as being incapable of taking care of yourself due to:

• Physical disability

• Mental impairment

• Long-term cognitive impairment or any combination of the above Services covered by home care providers vary according to province and provider.

They may include nursing services, housekeeping, shopping, light housekeeping, respite care, personal care, companionship, meal preparation, medical assessment, chores, companionship, personal hygiene, supervision, assistance with eating, medication administration, hygiene, laundry, transportation, homemaking, meals, errands, household cleaning, general support and monitoring, personal hygiene, grooming.


11. Software Engineering

The Tech industry is rapidly growing in Canada and several job openings require the employer to have LMIA in other to let any worker into Canada. Canada is regarded as one of the top countries in technological developments and there are demands for software engineers, programmers, and tech enthusiasts.

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