The world is a changing place. In the modern world, where technology is becoming more prevalent and the company landscape is shifting, it’s important for students to understand how to keep up with these changes. The Grow with Google Scholarship offers applicants access to Udacity’s Nanodegree program which includes online classes and project-based learning. This scholarship will help students learn about computer science and other related topics so that they can become job-ready for today’s digital economy.

The Grow with Google Scholarship is a program that awards students with a $10,000 scholarship. The goal of this scholarship is to promote diversity in tech and improve the lives of individuals who are underrepresented in the field.

What is Grow with Google?

As a part of Google’s mission to make the benefits of new technology accessible to the broadest possible audience, Grow with Google provide free tools and training to help individuals acquire the skills they need to get the jobs they desire, improve their careers, and expand their companies. Grow with Google have taught more than five million Americans digital skills since our inception in 2017. Over 7,500 NGOs, libraries and schools throughout the nation are part of the network that allows more individuals to realize their full potential.


What are Skills for Work Program?

For the Commonwealth of Learning (COL), Skills for Work is an endeavor to assist member states’ efforts to spread the skills necessary for decent work or entrepreneurship and to pave the way for skilling, reskilling, up-skilling, and lifelong learning

A two-pronged strategy is used by Skills for Work:

Using a mix of open and remote learning methods and other hybrid approaches, it enables women, girls, young people, persons with disabilities, small business owners, and the jobless in their local communities gain valuable 21st century skills and connections to local mentors.

It improves the ODL capabilities of TVET institutions and other non-governmental organizations involved in skill development through various partnership models, allowing them to share and adapt open educational resources, develop capacity in blended teaching/learning practices, increase outreach efforts, and respond to market needs.

E-learning companies in established countries as well as developing economies are helping close educational gaps, according to Skills for Work. People who are jobless, working in the unorganized sector, or who have mobility issues may benefit greatly from this model of low-cost, easy, accessible, and flexible self-learning.


Grow with Google Scholarship is offered by Google and Udacity

Grow with Google Scholarship is a scholarship program for students who are interested in learning new skills to advance their careers. It is offered by Google and Udacity. This scholarship program is funded by Google, an American multinational technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products. The goal of the Grow with Google Scholarship is to support initiatives that increase diversity, inclusion, and representation within the tech industry.

The Grow with Google Scholarship is open to students across the world who have completed at least one year of higher education. You must also be enrolled or planning on enrolling at an accredited college or university located in one of these countries: United States (USA), Australia, Canada (CA), India (IN), New Zealand (NZ), Nigeria (NG) or South Africa (ZA).

Grow with Google Scholarship offers 2 types of scholarships – Learnings Scholarship and Nanodegree Scholarship.


To apply for the Nanodegree Scholarship, you must:

  • Be enrolled in a Nanodegree program with Udacity
  • Have completed at least 50% of your coursework by December 31, 2018

To be eligible for Learnings Scholarship, you need to meet all of the following criteria:

  • Are 18 years or older (at the time of application)
  • Are a resident of one of these countries: Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Ecuador.
  • Candidates who receive the Grow with Google scholarship will have access to a world-class Udacity mentor for a period of one year.
  • Access to a world-class mentor for one year
  • One-on-one support from a Google engineer or developer evangelist dedicated to helping you with your coursework and career questions. Mentors will help you focus on building the technical skills that are relevant to their role, answer your questions about the tech industry, and connect you with additional opportunities at Google.
  • The Grow with Google Scholarship Program is an incredible opportunity for students who are interested in building their programming skills, regardless of whether they plan to pursue a computer science degree at university or not.


What is COL- Grow with Google Skills for Work Scholarship?

Commonwealth of Learning’s (COL) Grow with Google Skills for Work Scholarship is a part of COL’s Skills for Work program. With this scholarship, commonwealth nationals may learn skills that will help them find job and a place to live. The award provides free admission to any of Google’s six certificate programs for scholarship recipients. Scholarship recipients who successfully complete the program are eligible to get credentials that are completely free of charge.


How to Apply for the Grow with Google Scholarship?

The first step towards getting the scholarship is to visit the official website of the Grow with Google Scholarship. Once you have reached the site, sign up for it and fill in all required information. Make sure that you provide accurate details as this will be used for further processing.

The Grow with Google Scholarship will provide applicants with the skills needed for jobs in today’s digital economy.

The scholarship is open to students who are currently enrolled at a university or college in the U.S., or who plan to enroll within the next 12 months.


How much does Grow with Google cost?

The Col-Coursera Skills for Work Scholarship provides free access to a broad variety of materials and activities that may help you advance your profession, your company, or your personal development.



If you are looking for a way to gain the skills needed for jobs in today’s digital economy, then the Grow with Google Scholarship is a great option. This scholarship offers two different types of scholarships – Learnings Scholarship and Nanodegree Scholarship. The Learnings Scholarship provides funding of up to $500 per month for six months while the Nanodegree Scholarship offers up to $15,000 per year towards tuition or living expenses while you study one of Udacity’s Nanodegrees.

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