7 Top Careers For The Future (National and Global Level)

Top Careers For The Future (National and Global Level)

Looking to plan for your future career? Check out our comprehensive guide to the top careers for the future. With expert insights and data-driven analysis, we’ll explore the fastest-growing and most lucrative fields, from healthcare to technology. Discover the skills and education needed for success and take the first step towards a fulfilling career. Read now and plan for a bright future!

Most careers now are losing relevance and are gradually going into extinction. So it is essential that before you choose a career to venture into, you should check for its longevity and continuous relevance. This way, you are sure that the future is not being placed in an uncertain sector.

To save you the stress of researching, I have carefully researched and compiled the seven top careers for the future globally.

Before then, let’s look at Forbes’s statement on the best five fields in which you can build a career. They are

  • Information Technology
  • Healthcare
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Actuarial and Statistician
  • Financial Management

Top 7 Careers For The Future

  1. Artificial Intelligence

In recent times, we have seen robots and machines taking over human work, causing huge layoffs of staff, especially in the banking and aviation sectors. So basically, the next evolution of man is that of Artificial intelligence.

Having a career in artificial intelligence is one of the most promising careers now, as you can bag a job as a robotics engineer, natural language processer, or artificial intelligence researcher.

Although Nigeria doesn’t offer Artificial Intelligence as a course now, you can study Engineering or physics at an undergraduate level and apply for post-graduate study abroad in areas under artificial intelligence. International scholarships are plentiful to support outstanding students to venture into these careers. As a female, you tend to have higher chances of securing international scholarships to study artificial intelligence.


  1. Licensed Nurses and Medical Doctors

This fact about life that can’t be stopped is that human beings will always fall sick. The advent of technology has only helped sustain life and proffer remedies, not eradicate the disease totally. So the demand for licensed medical doctors and nurses will never go to extinction.

Even with the advent of telemedicine, and various medical technology, the service of a doctor or nurse can’t be entirely replaced. So all you have to do is apply to study medicine or nursing at the universities.


  1. Data Analysts

Data Analytics is one of the careers that are in high demand now. As a data analyst, you must work for a company you can render your services on a freelance basis. According to Data School Nigeria, it is one of the most valuable careers in the IT world. To be a data analyst, you have to study computer science at your undergraduate level, after which you can go further to specialize. You can also pick it as a course and study it remotely in the comfort of your home at online learning platforms like Udemy or Coursera.


  1. Software Developers

Software developers are also one of the hottest occupations on the market right now. The World Report ranked it No 1 job their list of the 100 best jobs for 2020, both in the Tech and STEM field.

Software development is not only a career for the future but one that can earn you millionaires within a short period. Do you want to work in big companies like Google, Meta, Flutterwave, and various IT companies, then get a career in software development.

Firstly, you have to study computer science at your undergraduate level and then get software development as an advanced course. You can also study it online, as you study for your computer science at the university.


  1. Cybersecurity Experts

The more the world becomes digital, the more the need for cybersecurity experts is growing. It is no news that hacking is becoming rampant; for companies to protect their digital space from theft, the need for a cybersecurity expert is needed, and they will be willing to pay anything for the safety of the company and customers’ sensitive information.

To get a career in cyber security, the first thing to do is to bag a bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering, information technology, or another related field, then go for an advanced course in cyber security.


  1. Mental Health Professionals

In recent times, the stigma to seek mental help is lessened. We can see celebrities and top personalities admitting to having suffered from mental health and wanting help. The economic pressures of the nation are pushing a lot of youth into mental illness. Also, the increase in individualism, and isolation of humans due to remote work and social distancing, has made many fall into mental health issues.

In Nigeria and the globe, the service of mental health specialists is on the increase. According to statistics, Nigeria ranked 15th in the number of suicides yearly. This tells you how big the market is for mental health specialists. And this continues to increase annually. To venture into this career, you have first to study medical science, after which you advance in mental health.


  1. Alternative Energy Installers and Technicians

Recently we can see most homes navigating into solar energy and wind energy to power their homes. Presently there is a motion to carry out the Green Revolution, which entails the replacement of usual energy with environmentally friendly and green energy.

Also, the tide is moving towards developing new electric cars. Presently Telsa is worth millions of dollars as the No 1 electric car production.

These things are the future, the petrol cars will gradually fade off, and power will be progressively replaced. So as an alternate energy installer or technician, your service will continuously be increase as the year goes by.

To start up a career in this field, you can study engineering or other related fields at the undergraduate level and go further to take an advanced course in alternate energy.



It is necessary you calculate the longevity of a career before venturing into it now so that you won’t be stranded later in the future. Careers like bankers, camera operators, and typists are at stake of being eradicated by technology. So choose wisely, for your relevance in the marketplace is tied to the longevity of your career.

Chris Cornell

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