7 Best Video Hosting Platforms For Online Courses

Best Video Hosting Platforms For Online Courses

Best Video Hosting Platforms For Online Courses

Looking for the best video hosting platform for your online courses? This article features a comprehensive list of the best video hosting platforms, including their features, pros, and cons. Discover which platform will best suit your needs, and take your online course creation to the next level.

Videos have become the most preferred content format in the online space. For your online course to e effective, it must have video content attached to it.

To create an online course, it is advised to avoid self–hosting platforms, and instead use video hosting platforms. Video hosting platforms cover all the technical aspects and allow users to have a seamless view of your content.

Also, some video hosting platforms come with video monetization tools that allow you to benefit from your videos.

Let’s check out the best video hosting platforms for online courses you can employ this year.


The Best Video Hosting Platforms For Online Courses

Here are the seven best video hosting platforms for online courses in Nigeria and their key features.

  1. YouTube

YouTube is by far the most popular and best video hosting platform for online courses. It boasts over 2 billion users, and this makes a great choice if you are seeking to amass viewers or students.

As an online course creator, you can create your own YouTube channel, upload videos (unlimited numbers), do live streaming, and create playlists.

YouTube is mobile-compatible, so users can subscribe to your channel and watch it on their devices. YouTube has a feature that allows your subcribers to get notifications whenever you upload a new video.

Additionally, you can monetize your videos with ad-supported options upon fulfilling the minimum requirements, such as having 30,000+ subscribers.

However, YouTube isn’t a good option if you want to host your brand videos and restrict access to certain users or domains.

Key features

  • Supports live streaming
  • Access to a wide user base
  • Video monetization ability upon fulfilling the requirements
  • It can be accessed on all device


It is completely free to use.


  1. Uscreen

Uscreen is a unique video hosting platform that helps online course creators create videos on demand under their brand.

Uscreen allows you to host your videos with excellent cross-device playback experience features like global CDN delivery, HTML5 player, multi-bitrate HLS streaming, etc. Also, you can organize live online seminars and events and make them engaging for your audience.

Additionally,         this platform offers an all-in-one video monetization feature containing in-built tools to help you monetize your video courses.

With Uscreen, you have greater flexibility to create videos using custom filters. You can also organize them in a well-streamlined video catalog.

Key features

  • Allows you to group your chapter and playlist using the “Collections” feature
  • Provides OTT apps for mobile phones and smart TVs that enable users to access your content on all devices
  • Ability to create custom pricing, including rentals, one-time purchases, and recurring subscription


The Basic Plan costs $149 per month with up to 300 active subscribers, and the Pro Plan costs $299 per month with a limit of 1,000 subscribers.


  1. Vimeo

Vimeo is one of the best video hosting platforms for online courses that work similarly to YouTube. It has a smaller user base of 170 million that majorly consist of creative and professional audience.

Vimeo goes beyond just a video-sharing platform. It has an embedding feature that is fast and clean. Also, you can seamlessly customize the look and feel of your video player.

Unlike YouTube, you can make some videos private and restrict access to certain domains and users. You can protect them with a password.

Also, Vimeo permits live streaming; you can simultaneously run live seminars or classes and use that for YouTube and FaceBook Live.

Key Features

  • Allows you to invite other stakeholders and clients to preview private projects before it is uploaded.
  • Offers useful marketing features, including the ability to add CTAs to your videos
  • Offers lead generation tools
  • Supports integrations with email marketing solutions,


The paid plan starts at $12 per month. However, it offers a free plan with limited features.


  1. SproutVideo

SproutVideo is an excellent video hosting platform for those seeking to leverage videos for sales and marketing.

This platform gives you complete control over your content and who can access it. You can restrict using specific geographical locations, URLs, or IP addresses.

With SproutVideo, you can easily upload and embed your videos and carry out additional functions like:

  • Display in-player call to action
  • Capture leads
  • Pass information to popular email marketing solutions Track performance using advanced analytics.

Key features:

  • Supports live streaming
  • Ability to design a large number of unique video players
  • Ability to create a video website on the video hosting platform
  • Allows you to grant access to your video via Zapier
  • You can accept payment from external payment gates


SproutVideo pricing starts at $24.99 per month.


  1. Wistia

Wistia is a top video hosting platform for online courses. It is a rich-feature platform that specifically offers professional video hosting services that equip you with marketing tools to grow your business.

Wistia allows you to create your channel where you display your videos. You can go further to embed the channel to your website to enable your users to access your video via your website.

Unlike Youtube, Wistia gives total control over customer experience. Your users won’t   have          to      suffer from  being distracted    by      ads    or      unrelated     video recommendations.

Key features:

  • Ability to add CTAs and perform A/B testing
  • Ability to capture leads from the video and transfer them to your CRM solution or marketing automation
  • Provides handy SEO features which help you to optimize your video to rank better on Google
  • Provides advanced analytics tools


It offers a free plan that allows you to embed up to free videos. The Pro plan costs $99 per month to embed up to 10 videos. You will pay 25¢ per video per month for additional videos.


  1. Vidyard

Vidyard is one of the best video hosting platforms for online courses. It is designed specifically for businesses that want to utilize video content for marketing, sales, and internal communications.

This platform contains essential features like video player customization, video storage, high-quality playback without ads, and video embedding options.

Vidyard allows you to host live events, seminars, or classes that can be watched on all devices.

Key features:

  • Provides sales and marketing features, such as CRM integration, advanced analytics, lead capture forms, and call to actions
  • Ability to create personalized videos
  • Free automatic transcription tool for paid customer
  • Provides inbuilt video creation tools


It offers a free plan that allows you to upload unlimited videos. The paid plan starts from $15 per month for individuals and $300 per month for teams.


  1. JW Player

JW Player is one of the best video hosting platforms for online courses. It is the best video hosting platform for digital media companies and publishers.

JW Player enables you to seamlessly host, manage and upload your video content. It comes with an inbuilt HTML5 player that is fast and offers an optimized video experience for your users.

Additionally, it offers excellent video analytics that allows you access to real-time video activities.

JW Player is quite affordable and offers a free plan for developers. Overall, the platform is the perfect video hosting platform for digital media firms and publishers seeking to monetize their video content via in-video advertisements.

Key features:

  • Provides excellent video advertising features
  • Seamlessly integration with powerful ad services like Google SpotX, Tremor, and YuMe
  • Offers innovative feature, such as video player bidding that allows you to maximize ad revenue


The paid plan starts from $10 per month.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where Can I Host My Videos For Free?

Youtube is the best video hosting platform where you can host your video for free. Other platforms such as Vimeo, VdoCipher, and Wistia offer free video hosting service, but it is limited.

Where Can I Host Videos Securely Which Can Not Be Downloaded?

VdoCipher is the best platform to host your videos and protect them from being downloaded.

It provides dynamic watermarking and DRM encryption that offers a secure encrypted playback.

What Is The Most Popular Video Sharing Platform?

Globally, Youtube is the most popular video-sharing platform. The others include Tiktok, WhatsApp,  and    Dailymotion. However, Tiktok is an app-only video-sharing platform.

Types of Good Video Hosting Platforms For Online Courses?

In terms of security from piracy, viewing experience, monetization solutions, and detailed analytics, good video hosting platforms for online courses include YouTube, Wistia, VdoCipher, Vimeo, Uscreen, and SproutVideo.

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