What You Need To Know When Traveling From Nigeria to the UK

What You Need To Know When Traveling From Nigeria to the UK

What You Need To Know When Traveling From Nigeria to the UK

In 2021, there was a massive move of Nigerians, especially the youth to the first world countries in search of better living, educational opportunities, and scholarship opportunities. One of the most traveled countries in the UK.

As a Nigerian wanting to travel to the UK, there are some things you need to know to make the trip an enjoyable one.

In this article, I will be showing you what you need to know when traveling from Nigeria to the UK.

What You Need To Know When Travelling from Nigeria to the UK

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  1. Have a Plan

You will hear many Nigerian youths saying that they want to travel, and when you ask them what’s their plan, they immediately get confused. The UK is a more organized system than Nigeria, so having a plan will save you the stress of being deported back. Are you going there to school, or work? So after due consultation, and having a plan, you can begin planning your trip.

  1. Plan your trip

This step involves getting your passport, visas, and permits ready, if you are going there for schooling, you must wait for your offer of admission letter, this is what you will use to process for your student permit.

If you don’t have a passport, do go to the immigration office to process it, and if you have, do check whether it is still valid. Click here to read more.  To get a passport for your child, do follow the instructions listed here.

  1. Travel abroad safely during COVID-19

Before traveling, you have to ensure you are fully vaccinated against the COVID 19 virus. To go for the vaccination, do click here to see how it is being carried out. While traveling, use your NHA COVID Pass to show proof that you are fully vaccinated.

Also, the different countries in the UK have different rules relating to COVID, so ensure you check for the particular country you are going to.

  1. Get travel insurance

Get travel insurance ready by following the steps listed here.

  1. Book for your flight

It is advised that you book your flight a month before your departure date to cut costs. You can do that by going through a licensed travel agent. Can I brings goods to the UK, and What can of goods do I need to carry along while traveling. To get accurate answers to these questions, do click here. However, you can decide to get duty-free goods, instead of bringing your food, animal, or plant products along with you.

What Are The Documents You Need To Travel from Nigeria to the UK

As a Nigerian traveling to the UK, the documents below are mandatory:

What You Can Bring With You While Traveling to the UK

  • Anything over your duty-free allowance
  • Any food products or times not banned or restricted in the UK. To know the banned or restricted goods in the UK, do check here.
  • Products that you plan to sell
  • More than €10,000 (or its equivalent) in cash,

However, your baggage will be thoroughly checked at the airport.

Best Places to Visit in the UK

When you visit the UK, there are certain places you have to visit. These places are the best spots to grasp the beauty of the ancient kingdom.

  1. Liverpool: City and Beatles Open Top Bus Tour

This open-top bus tour will expose you to the glamorous beautiful place of the beautiful city, and you will explore the social history of the city, and where the fab-four lived and played. Also, you can stop to take beautiful photos of the city’s historical sites, including the two cathedrals on Hope Street. It indeed will be a memorable experience.

  1. London: Tower of London and Crown Jewels Exhibition Ticket

Do you want to know what the modern class is, and what a magnificent piece of art is? visit the tower of London and crown jewel which was opened by Queen Elizabeth II in 1994, and refurbished in 2012.  And since then, it has become a favorite spot for international tourists.

  1. Edinburgh: Underground Vaults Tour

This vaults tour takes you beneath the streets of Edinburgh’s Old Town into a dimly lit space that is considered to be hunted by many. It has been said that witches occupied this place in the early 18th century. If you know that you always get scared, don’t try this place.

  1. Liverpool: Liverpool Football Club Museum and Stadium Tour

This tour takes you to explore iconic highlights that include views of the pitch from the highest level of the main stand, the home, the press room, and away team dressing rooms. This tour will take about 70 to 90 minutes to complete.

  1. Liverpool: 50-Minute Mersey River Cruise

he 50 minute on the Mersey ferry offers you the best opportunity to see the world’s famous skyline, and you will get to see as the world’s famous waterfront unfolds before you.


Traveling to the UK is not very hard as most people think it is. with the right travel agency, your booking and accommodation will be covered seamlessly. Ensure you carefully choose the right travel agency.

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