What To Study To Become a Millionaire

The popular idiom state that education is the key. For many years, it has remained the truth but is it still the key. Even though education is good, not all courses can make you a millionaire in our present world of high-tech innovation and scientific exploration.

Nobody will want to go to school and not be relevant to give value to make money. To save you the stress of researching the best courses to study that can build you a fortune. I have carefully drafted the seven courses to study to become a millionaire.

 7 Courses To Study To Become a Millionaire

  1. Engineering

According to statistics, 22% of the world’s top 100 billionaires studied some engineering aspects. Jeff Bezos, who is the second richest man on earth after Elon Musk, and who is the founder of Amazon, studied electrical engineering and computer science at Princeton University.

Also, Larry Page, co-founder and CEO of Google, obtained a Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering. The list is quite long.

Courses like space engineering, alternate energy engineering, project engineering, automation and robotics engineering, data science and machine language engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, and mining engineering are in high demand. This is plus the fact that you can easily secure an international scholarship on these courses.

If you can study these courses well, you will be sought after in the marketplace.

  1. Computer Science

The spike in technology, algorithms, and AI has created a huge demand for computer scientists globally.

It might interest you to know that in the global market, the average salary of computer science graduates is approximately $61,000, second only to engineering graduates.

So imagine you earn $61,000  for a start. Another interesting thing here is that Google and Meta (formerly FaceBook) pay their software developers about $120,000 annually.

Trust me, if you have a computer science graduate and a great idea – the world will dance to your tune.

The best selling courses in computer science that will make you a millionaire quick fast are:

  • Cyber security
  • Data science
  • Software development
  • VFX training and character animation degree
  • Big data analysis
  • Mobile and web app development
  • CISCO networking administration

You can study computer science at your undergraduate level before going further to specialize in any of these fields. Like engineering, you can easily secure a scholarship in this field, especially for females. (that’s this initiative is to promote and increase females in science and tech)

  1. Economics / Finance

Studying Economics and finance will not make you as rich quickly as those in the engineering or science courses, but it gives you the financial knowledge needed to build wealth real fast, and which is needed.

Over the years, Economics has produced real-time millionaires and billionaires, and as a good economist, you can handle sensitive positions relating to world finances. A very good example is Ngozi Okonja Iwela, who is presently the Director-General of WTO after serving as a Minister of Finance in Nigeria. As a graduate of economics or finances, you can work at banks, financial institutions, the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), and various financial agencies.

Business Insider states that you can earn as much as $20 working on Wall Street. So as a Nigerian, if you read very well, you can get a job on wall street, and note that here, competence and intelligence is their watchword.

Best Courses to Study in Economics/Finances

  • Financial market
  • Microeconomics principles
  • Economics of Money and banking
  • Game theory

After reading Economics at your graduate, you can specialize in any of these courses at the postgraduate level.

  1. Physics

is physics a hard course? Yes, it is, but due to the spike in robotics and space engineering, the demand for physics graduates has increased; this is because physics is the foundation for engineering and programming.

As a physics graduate, you can work in aviation, oil and gas, technology firms, government, and the military.

Best courses to study under physics

  • Quantum mechanics
  • Cosmology
  • Statistical mechanism
  • Nuclear physics
  1. Law

In Nigeria and globally, the law is one of the courses that can make you a millionaire, only if you know your onions very well. You have to be outstanding in this field to make money in it.

However, this course is very strenuous and requires a lot of reading, and you spend an extra year going to law school. But it is worth the stress in the end.

Before studying law, you should understand that giving value to clients in the upper class is the fastest way to make millions, so you have to be very good and passionate about it.

And you should know that some law courses make you richer faster than others. The list is outlined below.

Best courses to study in law

  • Criminal law
  • International law
  • Taxation law
  • Corporate law and management
  1. Mathematics

Mathematics is one of the courses that can earn you millionaires in your first year of practice as a graduate. As a mathematician, your service is invariably needed in almost every field, especially in the tech and finance sectors.

As a mathematics graduate, you can major in the below courses in your postgraduate to give you a hedge in the market. Your aim shouldn’t only be to work in Nigeria but also on global coverage.

Best courses to study in mathematic

  • Actuary
  • Data science
  • Industrial mathematics
  • Senior data science

Although mathematics is hard, it is a sought-after course. Many people don’t go for mathematics, so as a result, the supply is low. Also, it is easy to secure a fully paid scholarship if you want to go for a major in mathematics.


Even though all courses in the university are good, some have proved to be more relevant than the others over time. Some can earn you money faster than the rest. These seven courses are the fastest courses to study to become a millionaire easily, and this is not to say that other courses can’t earn you a fortune. The bottom line, still spells, and how good are you with what you study? This is the ultimate determining factor in your building wealth.

Chris Cornell

Chris Cornell is a leading expert in the field of research and data analysis. He is also a technical project manager and SCRUM professional with over 3 years of experience in the field of data analytics, research, and professional writing. Cornell has worked for reputable companies and research institutions, and his expertise includes statistical analysis, survey design, and data visualization. Presently, he is focused on actively building the Nenody brand and providing value and evidence-based information.

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