How Do I Renew My Canadian Passport?

Renewing My Canadian Passport

Canada has offered Global Entry for almost ten years now. If you are looking to apply for a Canadian passport for your spouse, child, parent, or sibling, this article provides information on how to renew your Canadian passport in as little as four months. Allows up to eight entries, 365 days, in a year. The price of a passport varies with different fees and from company to company. All that you need to do is click on the link below and start the application process. You will be contacted via email within forty-eight hours with the fee payment options available to you.

This website also has more information on applying for Canadian passports and how much it costs. The fastest way to renew your passport is by filling out the form at Once you have completed the form you will be able to download a copy of your form and complete it before sending it in with the correct fee payment. Your passport will be mailed to you by mail within three-four months. If you want your passport delivered sooner you can choose an expedited service that can be faster but comes with a higher fee.


How Much Is Canadian Passport Fee

When applying for a Canadian passport it is important to note that each province in Canada has its own rules on what documents are required for the renewal of passports. Some require original documents while others accept scan copies of documents that were sent via email or sent through another document transfer system. Most people send their passports through an application agency like PrimeCliq who specializes in all things related to travel and immigration.

The price of a passport varies from province to province but most applications take less than six months. To begin the process all you need to do is fill out the application form online at

The application form will ask you about your data and you must make sure that the data you fill in corresponds with what is on your document.

The Canadian fees have different ranges based on the length of time the passport is to remain valid for;

  • For a five-year adult passport, it will cost $190. This is for ages between sixteen and older;
  • For a ten-year adult passport, it will cost %260. This is for ages between sixteen and older;
  • For a child passport, it will cost $100.

Note: These fees are representing the Canadian dollars, to get the actual fee for your home country does get the equivalent of the Canadian dollar against your home’s currency.


How Long Does Renew Passports Take

Passports have the letters CXO, CCXO, PPO, POE, and UYQ stamped on them. The title above your signature indicates which level of document you are holding. For example, a ‘Canadian passport’ or a ‘Canadian driver’s license’. If you want to renew your passport, you need to contact the nearest Canadian embassy or consulate and request the relevant documents.

Once you have collected the required documents, submit them to the local office of Canada Passport Services and make payment for the same. In some cases, it may take more than six months to complete the renewal procedure. This depends on how busy the office is and whether there are any restrictions on obtaining a new passport due to travel or family ties.

However, there are also many who manage to get their passports renewed within a few weeks. If you wish to check your eligibility for renewing your passport, visit ready/passport-renewal-checklist-step-1-e.asp and click on ‘What next?’. It will guide you through the entire process of renewing your passport.


How To Apply For The Renewal Of A Canadian Passport

Before you apply for the renewal of your passport, make sure that your name has not changed since you last applied for a passport. You must ensure that your full name has not changed as it appears on your birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc. if any name change has occurred, then submit a signed Statement of Name Change form with supporting documents.

It is necessary to fill out and submit a completed Form TD 87A (Application for an Emergency Travel Document) along with supporting documents such as medical reports and/or affidavits stating that you do not suffer from any mental or physical ailments which would render you unsuitable to travel.

After this, submit the filled-out Form TD 83 (Renewal of Passport) along with all other relevant documents such as proof of Canadian citizenship, previous passports, old photographs, proof of marital status, divorce decree, etc. Make sure that all the information provided in the application form is correct and up-to-date. Fill out all the details carefully and accurately.

Submit all these documents at your nearest passport office or in person at a Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) location.

Make sure that you take all the required documents along with you while applying for the renewal of your passport. Do not leave anything behind as it might lead to complications while applying for renewal of your passport. Also, keep in mind that once you have submitted all the required documents and applied for renewal of your passport, it takes around 6 to 8 weeks for your passport to be processed. Once it is processed, you will receive a notice from the CBSA stating that your passport has been renewed and mailed to you.

Also, if you are planning to travel abroad after submitting your passport renewal application, make sure that you carry a copy of your new passport with you while traveling abroad.


What Are The Method Of Paying For A Canadian Passport

In case you need to apply for a Canadian passport or renew a Canadian passport, you can pay for it using various options available at different portals and official sites. While some may use online banking facilities to pay for their Canadian passport renewal, there are many others who prefer paying by credit cards or debit cards. All these payment options have their own set of pros and cons and one should know about them before choosing any one of them.

If you wish to pay by credit card, then make sure that you get your credit card authorized before submitting your application. Make sure that your credit card does not expire during the time period when you need to submit your application.

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