Top 10 Free Website Builder Platforms in 2024

Top Free Website Builder Platforms 

It used to be that building a website required a lot of coding and a lot of work. Now there are much more effective solutions, as you can use a free website builder to get your website up and running in minutes. Whether you are a freelancer, blogger, or small business owner, a website builder lets you build your website from the comfort of your home without the need for outside help.

A website builder is a program or tool that allows you to design and build a website without writing any code. You do everything you need yourself, without the need for a designer or developer. With specially developed drag and drop website builder software, you can simply choose from a huge range of templates and customize them according to your brand vision!

Website builders are relatively very cheap to use. These free website builders offer many options and give you complete autonomy over your project. With a free website builder, you control everything from call-to-action button placement to the font on your homepage.

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Here are the top 10 free website builders 2024:

  1. WIX

Wix is easily one of the best free website builders out there. Wix’s editor is powerful without being overwhelming. It offers nearly 1,000 attractive templates and the customer support is excellent.

With over 100 million users using the platform, you know you are in good hands once you create an account. And you’ll be glad to know that Wix is constantly adding new features like a booking system and forum so you can continually improve your site.

You wouldn’t have any problem customizing your pages to make them uniquely yours.


  1. Squarespace

Squarespace is one of the best free website builder platforms in the industry thanks to its aggressive marketing. Although it is aimed at online businesses, it is primarily aimed at people who want to start blogging or build an online portfolio.

With Squarespace, all you have to do is choose from over 100 templates and customize them. You can add text and images by dragging and dropping items on your page. And you can change the color, font, and other elements just as easily.


  1. Zyro

Zyro is a free website builder from Hostinger, an excellent web hosting service provider. The drag and drop editor is very easy to use and has a huge collection of AI-powered features to automate the process of creating a new website.

Zyro offers users over 150 templates to choose from. The platform is very easy to use and is best suited for simple projects that do not require advanced design features. Zyro is a new player in the website builder space, which means it gets updated regularly. One such update is the excellent AI-based content writing tool that automatically writes web pages and blog posts for your site.


  1. is a website builder with integrated web hosting services for businesses of all sizes. If you have an existing website, can help you migrate it to their platform. This is a great feature to have if you’re just starting and don’t have much experience with web design yet. You also get free website templates, which makes it easy to create your unique website without having to learn any code.

Additionally, offers a variety of features and services that can help you grow your online business. Once you sign up, you receive a website builder, e-commerce tools, Google AdWords credits, social media integration, and more. also aids with website design services, search engine optimization, and pay-per-click advertising. This is a great option for those who are too busy to use DIY methods and tools.


  1. Weebly

Weebly is an easy-to-use website builder that is best suited for those planning to build their first website. There is virtually no learning curve, and it can get you started very quickly.

Having a free account gets you active quickly, but your domain will include the Weebly branding. However, with Weebly’s paid plans, you can add a custom domain.

But it’s also worth noting that Weebly can power websites that require e-commerce integration. Its top-tier plans give you unlimited storage, so setting up an online store on Weebly shouldn’t be a problem.


  1. WebFlow

Webflow not only allows users to drag and drop page elements to design their website but there is also an option to use CSS. This means people with coding knowledge can use it to improve their websites.

In this regard, Webflow is a great option for beginners and expert designers.

You can save navigation bars, signup forms, and other page elements and reuse them on other landing pages. There are also features like parallax scrolling, animations, and progress bars that you can add to your pages.


  1. WordPress

WordPress is a popular and easy-to-use online editor. It is ideal for bloggers and content creators. It runs on a modified version of the software and offers a wide range of features for all types of publishers.

Built-in analytics, site-wide search, commenting system, image gallery, and post archives are among the growing list of features offered by this platform. comes with hundreds of free and premium templates and widgets to further customize your website.


  1. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is known for its web hosting and marketing solution. It also has a website builder tool that you can use. It truly is a one-stop shop for all the tools you will need to not only build a site but maintain it.

The company continues to add new features to its site builder. You can protect pages using passwords, create social media content, and access analytics tools.

SEO tools are also available, although they are limited.


  1. Strikingly

Strikingly excels at one-page layouts. So, if all you need is a landing page for signups and other forms of lead capture, Strikingly may be the website building tool for you.

All of the company’s templates look great on mobile devices. And it claims that you can create a page in a matter of minutes without the need for coding. Upgrading your plan will allow you to create more websites under your account.



This is one of the simplest free website builders. offers very affordable plans. So, if you’re probably on a tight budget, it doesn’t mean you can’t build a website. As a bonus, you can use the company’s hosting solutions to build a website and integrate it with WordPress.

You also get access to modern templates that are all responsive. There is also excellent customer support for those who have questions or concerns. You can reach by email or live chat.



With so many paid and free website builders available, remember that making the right choice is ultimately up to you. Always consider the options they offer and ensure to stick to what’s best for you and your business. Check here a detailed guide on launching your own website.

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