7 Best Screen Sharing Software 2024 – Features and Pricing

best screen sharing software

Best Screen Sharing Software

With more jobs, workplaces, and employees entering the digital space and becoming remote, the need for identifying and applying the best screen sharing software becomes imminent to maintain collaboration and instruction sharing in the professional space.

The need for screen sharing software increased after the COVID-19 pandemic, when many businesses were forced to go remotely. These screen sharing software have advanced features such as conference calling, video conferencing, note-taking tools, and screen recording. It comes in both free and paid packages.

Below are the seven best screen sharing software as well as details on their features and pricing that you can explore for improved efficiency in your business or workplace.


Best Screen Sharing Software 2024 – Features and Pricing

1. Chrome Remote Desktop – Best Free Screen Sharing Software

Chrome Remote Desktop is a completely free screen-sharing software that comes in the form of a chrome extension. It is available on computer and mobile devices that use the chrome app. Unlike other software, the Chrome remote desktop is also compatible with Linux.

It is a simple software that doesn’t offer many capacities than screen sharing. You activate remote control and access; you can simply set a 6-digit pin code.

The Chrome Remote Desktop is a good option for a business that wants free screen-sharing software, and the good part about this app is that it allows you to host easy and fast screen-sharing sessions with just a single click.


  • Easy to download
  • Easy to use interface
  • Remote control and access


  • Free

Click here to get started with the Chrome Remote Desktop.


2. Loom – Best for Screen Recording

Loom is one of the best screen sharing software that allows you to do many things apart from screen sharing. You can easily create asynchronous videos (only screen-sharing videos) and share them across the participants using custom URLs. Also, this app allows faster recording and editing, link distribution, and quick recording of all screen activities. It comes with granular controls that ensure privacy, especially when sharing videos.

It lets you create asynchronous screen-capture videos and share them using custom URLs. Through the Loom app, you can eliminate the need for lengthy.

Furthermore, you can easily add privacy filters and CTAs for videos. This way, you can monitor and ensure only authorized participants view the screen–capture videos.


  • It supports emojis and comments
  • It allows for multi-speed videos
  • You can easily integrate it with apps such as Email, Jira, and Slack
  • Allows for flexible team communication
  • Allows for in-depth team report and collaboration


  • It has both free and premium options.
  • It has a starter plan which is free but limited.
  • The business plan is $8 monthly and billed annually
  • The enterprise plan is based on custom pricing.

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3. Slack – Best Screen Sharing Software for Collaboration

Slack is your best option if you are looking for screen sharing software that supports full collaboration.

Apart from being an excellent screen sharing software for encrypted data and videos, it contains all the features to help your team stay together and work collaboratively in the online space. It has a messaging tool team members can use to call and chat on slack. The desktop version supports both screen and file sharing.

With Slack, you can have a shared workspace.


  • Supports over 2000 apps and integrations
  • It has a searchable work history
  • Special channel for projects and team
  • High-grade encryption data and content management


  • It is a paid screen sharing software
  • The starter plan is free but only suitable for small teams.
  • The standard plan goes for $6.67 monthly and plus plan goes for $12.5 monthly
  • The enterprise grid plan goes for custom rates.

Click here to get started with Slack.


4. Screenleap – Best Screen Sharing Software for Beginners

Are you looking for simple screen sharing software? Then you can try putting Screenleap. Screenleap is the most straightforward app that beginners can start with. It is easy to navigate, and it supports minimalistic screen sharing. It is best adapted if your screen sharing task is occasional.

The Screenleap is compatible with Windows PCs, Android, IOS, and Mac Os.

There are two ways to use this app. You either download and install the desktop app or use the tool online. This tool allows you to share a full Window or an entire screen, and screen sharing is enabled by sharing links or entering the 9-digital share code.


  • It is suitable for small business
  • It is compatible with multi-devices and gadgets
  • It gives you access to an unlimited number of shares with a paid plan
  • Contains webinar tools
  • It contains an API that allows for screen-sharing integration with websites.


  • It is available in free and paid versions.
  • The Basic premium plan goes for $19 plan monthly ($15 monthly on yearly billing)
  • The Pro plan goes for $39 monthly ($31 monthly on yearly billing)
  • The Company plan goes for $19 to $49 monthly ($15 to $39 monthly on annual billing)

Click here to get started with the ScreenLeap free plan.


5. GoToMeeting – Best for Web Conferencing

GoToMeeting is another paid screen sharing tool that allows you to collaborate on whiteboards and documents, including seamless screen sharing.

GoToMeeting allows you to host meetings online and ensure collaboration among team members by integrating collaboration and screen sharing tools. It allows for video conferences and is compatible with mobile devices and desktops.

This screen sharing software allows you to share individual applications and the entire screen and record meetings. However, the recording feature is only available in the paid version. The paid version has a lot of amazing advanced features.


  • Supports audio calling of up to 250 participants
  • It comes with a Microsoft Office 365 integration that allows you to manage meetings via the MS Outlook
  • Google Calendar Plugin
  • Compatible with desktop and mobile device
  • It allows for real-time recording and transcription
  • HD video streaming
  • It supports real-time adjustment of bandwidth


  • It is a paid plan
  • The professional plan goes for a $14 monthly ($12 monthly on annual billing)
  • The business plan is estimated at $19 monthly, which is $16 monthly on annual billing
  • The enterprise plan comes with custom prices depending on the complexity of services required.

Click here to get started with GoToMeeting.


6. Cisco WebEx – Best for Large Team Space Collaboration

Do you manage a large team and are looking for screen sharing software that can be suitable for a large number? Then Cisco WebEx is your perfect choice.

Cisco WebEx provides screen sharing and collaboration features for free. Also, you get to use other communication tools such as video conferencing and app integration.

WebEx provides all the capabilities you can derive from Zoom. The best part of this app is that you can record meetings on the free version. Also, it is compatible with mobile and desktop devices and can be used across Mac, Android, Windows, and IOS gadgets, and advanced security standards such as HIPAA compliance.

WebEx provides you with all Zoom capabilities, the significant difference being that WebEx lets you record meetings even on the free plan. If you’re planning to create videos for training and onboarding, WebEx is the way to go.


  • It has an inbuilt messenger that allows for the sharing of videos, webpages, and chat.
  • It has remote desktop features that operate like that of the Teamviewer
  • Allows for recording of online meetings on the free plan
  • Supports up to 100 participants
  • Supports speech enhancement and noise removal features
  • Allows file editing in real-time during calls
  • Supports translation of meeting into up to ten languages. (it can be done live while the meeting is ongoing)
  • It contains video templates to choose from.
  • Supports unlimited host


  • It comes in free and paid versions.
  • The paid version comes with a starter plan of $13.5 monthly
  • The business plan goes for $26.95 monthly
  • The enterprise plan is based on customized pricing.

Click here to get started with Cisco WebEx.


7. Mikogo – Best for Remote Cross Platform Support

Mikogo is a paid screen sharing software compatible with desktop and mobile devices and can be used across all platforms. Unlike most screen sharing software, you can quickly join the Mikogo platform via any web browser without downloading and installing the app.

Only the host charged with sharing their screen needs to download the app. You can host training meetings via the Mikogo software app.

It comes in free and paid versions. The free version allows only one-on-one meetings. So if you want to host multiple meetings, you will need to upgrade to the premium packages.


  • You can access the app via multi browsers, including desktop and mobile browsers.
  • It contains an advanced meeting scheduler.
  • Allows for multi-monitor support for up to four screens Supports individual and group chats.


  • Its standard plan comes for $14 monthly and also $16 monthly
  • The team plan for $48 monthly.

Click here to get started with Mikog.



Above is the seven best screen sharing software you can choose from. When selecting the best screen sharing software to use, you have to consider its price, the purpose of its use, its compatibility, and available features.

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