Best Investment Platforms in Nigeria 2023

Best Investment Platforms in Nigeria 2023

If you are searching for a legitimate investment platform that can help you make money and cover other financial commitments, you certainly cannot go wrong with our compiled list of the best investment platforms in Nigeria 2023.

They are tested, trusted, and guaranteed to be a safe way to grow your money without any fear, as most of them are government-licensed and certified-insured.

These investment platforms are online, but there are also offline places where you can work to ask questions if you so desire.

Many of these platforms offer various investment opportunities along with automatic savings. However, they all have a different percentage or return that they promise their investors.

5 Investment Platforms in Nigeria - InvestSmall

  1. PiggyVest

PiggyVest is West Africa’s first digital “Savings and Investments” platform. It is one of the best investment platforms in Nigeria that allows you to easily invest in pre-screened low to medium risk primary and secondary investment opportunities with any amount available to you.

PiggyVest started as “” in 2016, as a mere savings tool. In April 2021, they changed their name to “PiggyVest” and began offering customers direct investment options apart from savings.

After five years, they have continued to provide exceptional service to their over 1 million users, helping them manage their finances with ease and integrity.

Piggyvest aims to “enable everyone to effectively manage and grow their finances”

  1. RiseVest

RiseVest simplifies investing in assets denominated in various currencies across the globe.

On RiseVest you can invest in any well-managed asset which guarantees a return of up to 14 and a potential return of up to 41% each year.

These well-managed assets include real estate, bonds, and stock.

The platform includes an easy-to-use interface with an integrated tracker that allows you to track your investments and monitor your performance in real-time.

You can also set investment goals using their app.

You will need at least $10 to get started with RiseVest, after which you will select a plan and specify a tenure for your investment.

All RiseVest accounts are encrypted using the same technology used by banks. RiseVest is unique in that it provides you with a free professional financial plan for your investments.

  1. Cowrywise

It is another legal investment platform in Nigeria with a wide range of professionally tested and managed investment products. With their systematic investment plan, you can automate your investments on any product in their app.

Cowrywise offers investors an option to invest in Naira or Dollar Mutual Funds. Interest is earned as interest or capital gain.

With CowryWise, you can start investing with as low as 1,000 Naira, however, you must keep in mind that the higher the amount, the better the interest.

To ensure the safety of all funds invested, investments are made in risk-free instruments, and the funds are held by Meristem Trustees, a company registered with the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC), on behalf of the savers.

  1. Opay

Opay is one of the best investment platforms in Nigeria, which allows you to invest and earn money every day.

It is a mobile payment service operated by Opera News that provides varieties of financial services such as loans, savings, and investments.

  1. Kuda Bank

Kuda Bank, formerly known as Kudimoney, is a revolutionary fintech platform that fosters innovation in Nigeria and beyond. It takes advantage of its “Free Bank” slogan by providing varieties of free services to its members.

Kudabank, like some of its competitors, pays a 10% interest rate on savings. It also provides loans to its customers at low-interest rates.

  1. Carbon

Carbon is one of Nigeria’s leading online investment platforms, offering a wide range of digital finance options.

Carbon started as a lending app in the digital finance industry, but today offers a wide variety of services from savings to money transfers and investments.

With as little as 100 Naira you can start investing in Carbon and earn up to 16% every year. You can also choose a term for your investment, which ranges from 3 to 12 months.

Your money is safe with Carbon. One Finance & Investment Limited, a CBN licensed and regulated company, manages all the funds.

When you invest, you have the option to invest for 3, 6, or 12 months at a rate of up to 16%.

  1. I-invest

I-Invest is a mobile application that enables investors to buy shares, securities, and other financial products without the help of a broker.

Additionally, the app provides a user-friendly dashboard to track various investment portfolios as well as an easy way for small investors to save money.

At the same time, they offer competitive interest rates and the ability to finance infrastructure programs in Nigeria while generating income.

It allows users to buy Treasury bills and Eurobonds, as well as trade stocks on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

  1. KoloPay

Kolopay is a savings platform in Nigeria that allows you to save money for a specific purpose and any period.

In addition, you can share your savings plan with your relatives (friends, friends, and family). This allows them to contribute towards the achievement of your savings goal.

KoloPay has an annual interest rate of up to 10% and a withdrawal fee of up to 5% if you withdraw before the deadline.

  1. Reach

Reach is a personal finance app that helps you improve your financial career by tracking your income, regulating your expenses, and helping you make wise money choices.

Forbes describes Reach as a Nigerian fintech that helps you save for life’s big moments. Using an algorithm, the app tracks your SMS alerts and uses them to generate life skills in personal money management to give you an idea of ​​how your money is used each week, how you spend, and have a budgeting tool to help you handle your monetary purposes.

  1. Sumotrust

Sumotrust is an online saving and investment platform that helps Africans improve their poor savings and investment habits.

If you want money to start a business, rent an apartment, buy a house, buy a vehicle, go shopping, pay school fees, etc.

Sumotrust will help you save money and achieve your investment goals.


You can easily access these platforms on your phone, tablet, or PC. With a good network, you are ready to start investing.

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