9 Best HR Software for Startups in 2024 – Find the Best One for Your Business

Best HR Software

Best HR Software for Startups

Looking for HR software that’s perfect for your startup? We’ve compiled a list of the 9 best HR software solutions for startups in 2024. Find the perfect one for your company’s needs and budget. Start streamlining your HR processes today.

As a startup business, there are a lot of things you should get straightened out to keep your business running and flourishing. A significant aspect is human resources (HR). Hiring and managing employees can be strenuous. Your business might suffer significantly if the human resource department is not appropriately managed. So, priority must be given to obtaining relevant information on the HR software necessary for startups.

This guide will explore the best HR software for startups, their features, and pricing.

Here are the nine (9) best HR software for startups you can implore to manage your HR needs effectively. However, they differ in specific ways; each is unique in its functionality.

Carefully examine them to choose which best suits your employee’s needs and expectations.

1. BreezyHR

BreezyHR is one of the best HR software for startups, known for its smart hiring automation. It helps to automatize hiring processes such as screening, email alerts, and interview scheduling.

BreezyHR is best suited for small-sized startups. A major limitation of this software is that it does not exceed the scope of hiring, such as employee database management, time-off management, etc.

BreezyHR offers a free plan for bootstrapped small startups. This free plan offers all the basic features you need to kickstart your hiring process, but it is limited, as you can access only one active job pool at a time. To hire employees simultaneously or access more than one job pool at a time, you must upgrade to a higher plan. The paid plan comes with a 14-day free trial period.

Key features

● All-in-one software to manage the hiring process

● Integrates seamlessly with other tools for managing employee information and roll-out.

● Offers hiring automation that simplifies the process of candidate interview scheduling, screening, email alerts, and other aspects of hiring.

● It is user-friendly and offers no phone support


The paid plan starts from approx. $143 per month


2. Workable

Workable is one of the best HR software for startups that helps them to manage the hiring process effectively.

Also, this software has excellent reporting and dashboard features that help startup managers efficiently manage their employees.

Additionally, Workable is an end-to-end ATS tool that enables quick hiring. It offers HR automation that covers screening, assessment, interview scheduling, and onboarding.

Workable does not offer a free plan. It can be pricy for small startups. However, the paid plan offers a 15-day free trial period.

Key features

● It has built-in job description templates.

● Allows one-click job posting to multiple job boards. 

● Offers AI candidate screening and HR automation 

● It is compatible with the mobile platform.

● Workable sync with calendar and email

● Offers branded career pages that can be created without the knowledge of coding


The pricing starts at approx. $129 per month per job


3. BambooHR

If you are looking for HR software to manage the employee lifecycle for a small business, then BambooHR is a perfect choice.

It is one of the best HR software for startups that serves basically as a payroll management tool where you can seamlessly keep track of employee performance, data, reviews, retentions, and time-off requests.

Unlike other HR software programs, BambooHR has an easy-to-use Employee Referral portal, allowing fast-growing businesses to have a more reliable candidate pool.

BambooHR does not offer a free plan. Also, the pricing information is only released on request. You have to contact the company and tell them the number of employees and the features you want. Then a quota will be prepared and sent to you. However, it offers a 7-day free trial.

Key features

● BambooHR offers excellent payroll and performance management features.

● Offers ATS capabilities that promote collaboration on job posts,

● Offers an advanced management feature that allows for easy management of the hiring process from a single platform.

● Compatible as a mobile app


The pricing is released on request. Contact the company for a quota.


4. Sage HR

Sage HR is well-known cloud-based HR management software. It offers an advanced-scalable program that aids startups business in organizing their HR processes for growth.

Saga HR is known for its highly advanced performance management tools, such as tools for surveys, 1-on-1 meetings, goal setting, and quick feedback mechanisms.

With Saga HR, the HR teams can deliver specific services to meet employee needs. Examples of the HR features contained in this software include:

● Employee database

● Workflow builder

● HR analytics

● Scheduled reports

● Onboarding and offboarding solutions.

Additionally, It offers six modules that cover recruitment management, timesheet management, performance management, expenses management, shift scheduling management, and leave management.

Saga HR can seamlessly be integrated with Sage HRMS to enable effective payroll processing.

Key Features

● Seamless integration with Sage HRMS, G Suite, Slack, and any custom-built program

● Offers cloud-based employee management solution

● Offers core HR features that offer HR essentials

● Applicant and attendance tracking

● 360-degree feedback and activity dashboard


The pricing starts at $16 per employee per month.


5. Gusto: Best for Payroll Management

Gusto is one of the best HR software for startups, known for its excellent payroll management solutions.

If you are a startup business looking for software that offers comprehensive payroll management service, Gusto is the perfect choice to good for.

In addition to its payroll management solutions, it offers other HR tools to enable you effectively run your business. You can easily automate paychecks and employee benefits such as college savings and health insurance and keep track of employee PTO, all in one platform.

Key features

● Automate payroll management solutions

● Offers direct and paperless transactions =

● Automated year-end forms and tax prep

● Automate employee benefits like healthcare and college savings

● Complies with all ACA, HIPAA, and ERISA standards


Gusto pricing starts at $40/month plus $6 per employee per month.


6. Sage People

Sage People is one of the best HR software for startups, designed for multinational operations. It offers excellent analytic and reporting features that help users get actionable insights.

If your business startups cross national borders, then this is a great HR software to adopt and implement for improved efficiency. Sage People offer end-to-end HR tools and features that provide onboarding, hiring, offboarding, and talent management solutions.

Sage People is known for its easiness of use and contains modules such as digital signature, talent management, candidate portals, talent finder, performance management onboarding, time management, and attendance management.

Sage People is best when used with other Sage applications. Also, it works perfectly well with external applications.

Key features

● Paperless Contracts

● Customizable Selection Process

● Candidate Portals

● Time Management

● Performance Management

● HR Workflows that benefit organizations

● Worldwide Job Advertising

● Talent Finder

● Direct-to-mobile information dissemination.


Sage People is only available on a quote-based plan.


7. Bambee HR

Bambee HR is one of the best HR software for startups. It offers one of the best affordable HR outsourcing plans that is budget friendly for new startups.

Bambee HR is a human resources outsourcing solution, specifically designed for startups and small businesses. Bambee helps startups to handle all their HR needs, such as developing HR procedures, ground-building employment policies, and setting up employee benefits.

Also, Bambee provides excellent hands-on support to startup entrepreneurs and managers to design their business’s HR policies and processes and navigate HR challenges that might arise. Their plans are super affordable and don’t have any minimum employee number.

Key features

● Provides startups business with a dedicated HR manager to provide support on HR matters, including terminations, onboarding, compliance matters, and more.

● Offers extensive support options, which can be contacted via phone, email, or chat.

● Provides online self-service learning tools that allow startup entrepreneurs or managers to access helpful information and training.


You can outsource the software for $99 per month.


8. Freshworks

Freshworks will remain the product of only existing users. New users cannot access the software, as new signups are paused until the employee experience solution suite re-imagination is complete.

This HR software offers a lifetime free plan that supports up to 50 employees.

You can contact sales@freshworks.com to learn about the solution and how to implement it for your HR teams.

Key features

● Paperless new hire onboarding

● Employee time off tracking

● Data-backed HR decision making

● Shorter time-to-hire

● Powerful recruitment automation

● Employee database & self-service


The pricing starts at approx. $71 per month


9. Overpass

Overpass is a prominent remote sales company where you can find professional tools and remote sales reps to help you manage and track your firm’s business campaigns and remote sales teams.

With Overpass, you can seamlessly hire from the pool of vetted sales experts and track performance, engage with your customers and manage their payroll from a single point.

If you own a remote sales team or your business is focused on sales, Overpass is the best HR software to manage your team remotely from anywhere in the world.

Also, Overpass is super helpful as it allows you to upload your lists and sources for quality salespeople to grow your team with.

Key features

● Resume screening

● Job posting

● Employee database

● Holiday management

● Onboarding checklists


Talent is $160 for a seat per month, and talent and tech go for $240 monthly per seat.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is HR software for startups?

HR software is a tool that aids startups in managing different spheres of HR processes. Examples are hiring, attendance management, interview scheduling, benefits administration, payroll management, employee data storage, and daily employee-related tasks.

HR software simplifies the process for HR professionals and helps them to focus on what is more important.

Why does a startup need HR software?

Startups need a solid HR foundation to grow rapidly. HR software helps startups attract, hire, and retain the right people to grow the business and build a solid reputation.

Some of the reasons why startups need HR software include the following:

●    Improved recruitment process: HR software simplifies the entire recruitment process by managing multiple job boards, automating screening based on custom criteria, and streamlining interviews and onboarding processes.

●    Advance talent management: HR software aids you in effectively tracking employee performance in an organized manner to ensure informed appraisal.

●    Better time management: HR software provides automation and AI capabilities that allows you to save time. HR tasks like online assessments, notifications, resume screening, candidate rejection, and leave management can be automated to avoid repetition.

What features should you look for when choosing HR software for your startup?

Before looking for HR software, you have to first outline the features you want, your employee needs, and budget allocation.

Here are some features you should look for when choosing HR software for your startups.

● An easy-to-use and flexible UI

● High data security

● Scalability level of the software

● The cost structure

● Integration with external programs

● Nature of customer service support

● Technology requirements

● Recruitment Solutions

● Talent management solutions

● Onboarding solutions

● Benefits administration solutions.

● Payroll management solutions

● Time and attendance tracking feature

● Performance management feature

● Employee engagement feature


HR software is crucial for companies that want to manage and automate their HR procedures, raise employee morale, and acquire insightful data about their staff. Any startup trying to manage and automate its HR procedures must invest in HR software. Tasks like hiring, onboarding, tracking time and attendance, managing benefits, and evaluating performance can all benefit from automation and simplification. Startups can save time and money while ensuring that their HR procedures adhere to all legal and regulatory requirements by employing HR software.

One of the ways to grow rapidly as a startup is to have a solid HR system. And this can only be achieved with a good and effective HR software program. The above 9 best HR software for startups differ in operations and functionality. Your need and budget should guide you as you choose the most suitable option for the short- and long-term growth of your company or business.

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