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Often, when you’re in a rush, forgetting the password for a crucial website might lead you down the rabbit hole of figuring out the password reset method. It is very tempting to reset it to something so basic that you won’t forget it or to learn a single complex password and use it for everything. Both techniques, however, are doomed to failure. For example, a hacker may simply guess or brute-force a password that is basic. A data breach may disclose even the most difficult passwords, possibly jeopardizing any account using them.

The only option is to use unique passwords for each account, and to make them lengthy and unpredictable. I am aware that you are incapable of remembering lots of strong passwords. In reality, the typical internet user gets locked out of ten accounts every month. Hence, a password manager is an urgent need. Also, budget is a significant factor. Thus, this article provides accurate and relevant insights on the best free password managers for your devices.

A password manager is simply a digital vault that saves the login credentials you use to access applications and accounts on your mobile device, websites, and other services. In addition to protecting your identity, credentials, and sensitive data, the best free password managers include a budget-friendly password generator to generate strong, unique passwords and prevent you from using the same password numerous times. (Password generation is a lifesaver when you can’t think of another unique password on the spot for the newest must-have application).

Based on extensive research, the 9 best free password managers in 2023 are outlined and detailed below:


Concise Review of 9 Best Free Password Manager 2024

1. BitWarden Basic| Win | macOS | Android | iOS

BitWarden is one of the best free password manager for individuals and businesses. Bitwarden enables teams and individuals to store and share critical data from any device in a simple and secure manner. Take charge of the security of your online passwords and handle sensitive information safely from anywhere and on any device.

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  • Share your encrypted data quickly and exclusively with the people or teams who require it
  • It allows access sensitive information stored in your Bitwarden vault from any location, browser, or device.
  • Access intelligent insights that expose weak, re-used passwords and other useful data security indicators.
  • Directory Synchronization—Our robust Directory Connector facilitates user and group onboarding and keeps them synchronized.
  • Detailed Event Logs—Bitwarden generates audit logs to assist you in keeping track of who has accessed sensitive data.
  • Flexible Integrations: Connect your current systems to Bitwarden using SSO authentication, directory services, or robust APIs.


2. Dashlane| Win | macOS | Android | iOS

With Dashlane‘s free password manager, managing and securing passwords is astonishingly easy. Automatically import your Firefox or other browser’s passwords into your private password vault. While browsing, save any forgotten passwords. Create a new password inside the browser itself. Receive notifications whenever websites are compromised.

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And with Dashlane‘s auto-login feature, you will never have to enter a password on any of your devices again. As easy as that. AES-256 encryption, the dominant standard in the world, Save everything in your digital wallet, from credit cards to receipts. Obtain free access to your digital wallet on any device. Autocomplete every field on every form… on any device. Use Dashlane‘s free form filler to automate data entry.


3. Password Safe| Android | Win | macOS

Password Safe is enables you to generate a password-protected and encrypted list of user names and passwords quickly and securely. To unlock and access your full user name and password list, all you need to do with Password Safe is generate and memorize a single “Master Password.”

Main Window - Tree View

For Password Safe, security begins with the user. Keeping lists of passwords on pieces of paper or in a text document on your desktop is insecure and readily observed by inquisitive eyes (both cyber-based and human). Using the same password across a large variety of systems and websites produces the nightmarish situation in which, once an attacker has found out one password, they have worked out all of your passwords and have access to every aspect of your life (system, e-mail, retail, financial, work).


4. KeePass Password Safe – | Win | Mac | Android

KeePass is one of the best free password manager and it is an open-source password manager that facilitates safe password management. All of your passwords may be stored in a single database that is protected by a master key or a key file.

KeePass Password Safe

To unlock the whole database, you just need to remember one master password or pick the key file. The best and most secure encryption methods (AES and Twofish) are used to keep the databases safe.


5. Kaspersky Password Manager – | Win | Mac | Android | iOS

Protect your identity by managing your passwords! Protecting against identity theft and fraudsters requires the use of strong passwords. Remember one password rather than hundreds.

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Kaspersky Password Manager stores your passwords safely and makes sure they are the same on your PC, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. This makes it easier for you to log in to your accounts, apps, and websites.


6. LessPass – | Android | iOS | Chrome | Firefox

LessPass is one of the best free password managers and it generates a unique password using a site, login, and a master password. LessPass works without being connected to the internet, so you don’t have to sync your password vault across all your devices or to the cloud. It allows one master password to access your credentials from any location, on any device, at any time. No syncing is required.

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7. Trend Micro

Trend Micro password manager offers a safe location to store and manage website login credentials. Notes, passwords, and online form data may be backed up and synchronized. It is compatible with your web browser, allowing you simple and rapid access. This app enables you to conveniently save frequently used information. Every keystroke is encrypted. Trend Micro populates internet shopping information automatically.

Trend Micro Password Manager 1.9

It ensures online banking security. The supported operating systems and browsers include Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. Handle up to five passwords for free during the trial period.


8. LastPass – | Win | Mac | Linux | Android | iOS

LastPass remembers your passwords so you can concentrate on what’s really important in life. Unlimited browser sync for Mac, Windows, Linux, and the Internet.

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Logins and forms filled in automatically Share your credentials with friends and coworkers. Password generator One-Time Passwords and Multi-Factor Authentication.


9. NordPass Free – | Win | Mac | Android | iOS

Store passwords in a central hub and log in to your preferred websites and applications with a single click. Using the NordPass password manager, you can access your login credentials on any device, even while offline. NordPass will automatically fill in your login information when you sign in to one of your favorite websites.

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Automatic password filling: No one has time to manually input their login credentials. This is possible with a few clicks using NordPass. Save more than passwords- Keep your safe notes, payment card information, and mailing addresses centralized.



We’ve been able to discuss extensively on the best free password managers for Windows, Mac, Android and Apple. We hope at least one of the above password managers has stimulated your interest and suits your requirements. Furthermore, most of these password managers are available as extensions for browsers on a wide variety of platforms. It is important to sift through the information above and select the best free password manager that best aligns with your needs and priority requirements.

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