7 Best Accounting Software for Trucking Companies 2024 |Features & Pricing|

Best Accounting Software for Trucking Companies

Best Accounting Software for Trucking Companies

Trucking services are among the most essential companies in the economy. They help facilitate the activities of various companies by maintaining the value supply chain on land.

A Statista report indicated that the trucking company contributed the most overland freight movement in the United States economy in 2020.

One of the major problems of these companies is selecting and implementing the best accounting software for trucking companies that covers tracking expenses, payment of taxes, drivers, the amount of money spent on fuel, and the rest. When there is no proper accounting, the trucking company’s operations and sustainability are significantly affected. Thus, adequate information and knowledge on choosing the best accounting software for trucking companies is a necessity.

In this article, I will provide relevant and credible insights on major features, pros, cons and pricing for the seven best accounting software for trucking companies to boost efficiency and streamline operations.


7 Best Accounting Software for Trucking Companies 2024

1. QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks is a cloud-based accounting software suitable for trucking companies and small businesses. It is paid software that helps you to carry out financial activities in your trucking company that, includes:

  • Income and expenditure tracking
  • Creation of invoice and GST reports generation
  • Budgeting
  • Managing suppliers and customers
  • Calculation and monitoring of tax
  • Keeping track of the balance sheet

It simply records all your financial transactions, and it has an easy-to-read dashboard and customizable reports that help you efficiently track your business performance.


  • Mobile app for keeping track and generating invoices & receipts
  • It allows for single login for all clients & tasks
  • It is safe and well secured with Industry-standard rated security that ensures all your financial data are saved.
  • It is compatible with web-enabled mobile devices and can be optimized for use on Android and iOS devices.


  • It is not compatible with Linux, Fedora, and Ubuntu
  • It cannot be accessed offline. You must have an internet connection to access the app
  • It doesn’t support an automatic calculation of operating costs which is carried out on a per-mile basis
  • Have fewer trucking-specified expenditure categories


  • QuickBooks is paid financial management software that goes for $26 for an essential package.
  • It has a 30-day free trial where you can try out the software functionality.

Click here to access QuickBooks to begin.


2. Q7 Trucking Business Software

Q7 trucking software solution is accounting software designed for fleet management, field sales, and service team management.

It provides a single-entry customizable platform that integrates account functions with dispatch, billing, payables, fleet management, and other related functionalities.

Using the Q7 trucking software, you can easily create purchase orders and track vendors and customer invoices that help you manage the accounts payable and receivable.

Another interesting part of this software is that it is used for banking functions, including bank reconciliation.


  • It offers department-wise reporting
  • It produces alerts when safety is tampered with
  • It is web-based and compatible with Windows, Cloud, and Sass
  • It is Integrated with Electronic Logging Device providers such as Samsara and Omnitracs


  • It cannot be used on MAC
  • It requires training support to be able to use it


  • Q7 Trucking Business Software Pricing is a paid software that goes for $49.99 flat fee monthly.

Click here to access the Q7 Trucking Business Software


3. ProTransport

ProTransport is a fully configurable trucking financial management software designed to provide customizable solutions to matters on accounting, dispatch, safety, fleet maintenance, and management of any size.

It has a unique accounting module that allows you to track loads with pending invoices. Also, it manages deposits, generates financial reports, calculates taxes, reconciles bank accounts, and so much more.

In addition to trucking business accounting, ProTransport helps with GPS tracking and mile calculation of the fleets.

ProTransport offers you a simple centralized platform where you have access to all the tools needed to make informed business decisions.


  • It offers wide integration options that include QuickBooks, ELDs, Fuel Cards, and so many more
  • It offers affordable subscription packages
  • Available in mobile app
  • It improves communication by enabling two-way messaging for drivers, and other communication patterns such as document uploading, trip planning and more
  • It offers automated fuel data importing


  • Larger fleets have inadequate financial features.
  • Additional features need to be added to larger fleets.
  • You can’t upload pictures to entries
  • It is a bit outdated. A newer version should be out.


Click here to access ProTransport software.


4. Axon Trucking Software

Axon trucking software is entirely integrated in real-time, which means entries are just too made once for it to be reflected in the software, and you get updated automatically.

Also, it offers specialized accounting solutions helps that help to eliminate errors and streamlined regular processes to promote efficiency in trucking companies.

Also, the software provides you with reports on miles per gallon, equipment revenue, and other parameters, which give you insights to boost profitability. Also, it is integrated with payroll to provide and manage government forms and complex pay calculations.


  • It is easily customizable
  • It offers real-time financial management and analysis
  • Truck drivers can easily share their GPS location and communicate via text messages or phone with in-house administrators.


It requires learning to operate it.


  • Contact the Axon Trucking Software sales team here to get a quote.

Click here to access the Axon Trucking Software.


5. Tailwind TMS

Tailwind TMS is a cloud-based all-in-one-transportation financial management software that provides financial solutions to small to mid-size trucking companies and freight brokerages.

This app allows you to easily access financial information related to dispatches, invoices, and payments from a single location.

This software offers other functions such as

  • Calculation of mileage
  • Managing sales commission
  • GPS shipment truckling
  • Equipment maintenance tackling


  • It is available in mobile apps and is compatible with Android and iOS.
  • It offers user-specific access levels for that can be accessed by different branches.
  • It supports MS Azure auto data backup


  • To access the bank reconciliation feature, you must have QuickBooks Online subscription.


  • Tailwind TMS pricing starts at $99.00 monthly.

Click here to access the Tailwind TMS software.


6. TruckingOffice

TruckingOffice software is an online truckling software that helps fleet businesses and operators to increase revenue per mile, generate invoices calculate mileage, and track fleet maintenance, track expenses, payments of drivers at at individual pay rates, IFTA reporting and so many more.

You don’t need to have advanced accounting knowledge to be able to operate this software app.


  • It has no limit on the number of users that can access it.
  • It provides secured login with is fully authorized for security reasons It offers automatic records backup to protect your content


Lacks advanced support options like live chat.


  • TruckingOffice is available in different premium packages. Below are the packages and their pricing:
  • Basic Owner/Operator – $20 monthly
  • Basic Mid-Size – $45 monthly
  • Basic Fleet – $75 monthly
  • Broker – $45 monthly

Click here to access TruckingOffice


7. TruckBytes

TruckBytes is one of the best accounting software for trucking companies. It is most suitable for small-sized trucking companies and helps them verify the payment, create trip reports, generate invoices, capture expenses, and track loads.

Using this app, you can easily track payment history and automatically sum up miles traveled and fuel purchases for easy tax calculation. These generated reports are fully compliant and pre-formatted.


  • It is available in mobile version
  • It offers free Quarterly IFTA Fuel Tax Reports Access to email tech support for free.


  • The free version lacks some advanced features such as load optimization, which makes it unsuitable for large fleets.


  • TruckBytes is an entirely free trucking accounting software. However, you will have to subscribe to the additional IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement) service.

Click here to access TruckBytes


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The Benefits of Accounting Software for Trucking Companies

Below are some of the benefits your company can derive from using the best accounting software for trucking companies:

1. Saves time and improves efficiency

Trucking accounting software helps to save time by automating and streamlining all accounting functions that were done manually, demanding a lot of paperwork.

2. It can be integrated with other financial systems

Accounting software can easily be integrated with other financial systems such as banking, payroll systems, and tax system to ensure improved financial calculations and management for better-informed decisions.

3. Reporting and tracking

Truck companies use accounting software to report, capture, and keep track of daily profits, expenses, and related information in different forms to ensure easier understanding and data-keeping.

Also, it offers additional features that keep tabs on per-mile pricing, GPS tracking, and communication between drivers and in-house managers to ensure the smooth running of connected tasks.



Every trucking firm, regardless of size and specification, needs to be applying the best accounting software for trucking companies. Not only does the accounting software help to manage their financial database, but it also offers additional features like integration with the logistics system to ensure the efficiency, long-term success and sustainability for the company.

The best part is that not all accounting software for trucking companies requires advanced accounting information and specialized experts to operate. The most important part is to thoroughly assess your companies operations and requirements, and carefully choose the accounting software(s) that is best suited and aligns with the priority needs of your trucking company or organization.

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