9 Best DAW for Android: Features and Pricing

Best Daw for Android

9 Best DAW for Android

Digitalization has enhanced our creativity and given us a platform and route to express and put our work together, one of which is DAW to enhance the creativity of individuals with a passion for music.

This article will look at the best DAW for Android (free and paid). Firstly, what is DAW?

What Is A DAW?

DAW, known as Digital Audio Workstation, is a software app that allows you to compose, record, mix and perfect your music. The beauty of DAW is its easiness to use; it doesn’t involve many technicalities, and its conveniences- you can download it in your android gadget and carry it anywhere. The best DAW for android are further detailed below:

Best DAW for Android (Features and Pricing)

1. Bandlab

Bandlab is one of the best DAWs for Android that serves as a music creation tool coupled with its advanced features to give you a professional output in a free tag. It is one of the best free DAW software you can use.

Bandlab comprises 10,000+ royalty-free loops, 200+ MIDI-compatible virtual devices, and unlimited cloud space, which allows you to create unlimited projects because the space will never get full.

Another good thing about this DAW is that it is a social media platform that allows you to meet and collaborate with other artists and musicians. Also, you can even upload your music on the platform to get real-time reviews before finally publishing it.

Pricing: Free

Key features

  • It is totally free
  • It has a built-in algorithmic that helps to add a professional touch to your work
  • It contains the tip jar function that allows you to directly support and receive support room any artist on the platform
  • It doubles as a social media app


2. FL Studio Mobile

FL Studio Mobile is a paid DAW for Android. It is well appreciated for its step sequencing capabilities that enhance your ability to develop quick ideas about your skill.

This app helps you to create your music and process it all through to the publishing stage. The best parts of this DAW are its easy and clean User Interface and virtual midi keyboard, and its support for MIDI controllers.

Also, its step sequences allow you to draw a drum pattern quickly. It has an excellent repeat function that enables you to build drum rolls, and you can easily edit the MIDI tracks’ pitch, velocity, pan, and repeat.

It also features several effects such as Delays, Chorus, Auto Ducker, Limiter, and many others. Another good thing about this DAW is that it has a mixer that features volume adjustment, mute, bus, effect, and pre-tracks solo and pan functions.

Upon finishing your work, this DAW allows you to save and export it in MP3, WAV, MIDI, FLAC, or AAC formats.

Pricing: $14.99

Key features

  • It is a paid DAW
  • Excellent Step Sequence functions
  • It gives you options to export your track in many formats
  • It contains a Mixer for excellent audio coordination


3. N-Track Studio

N-Track Studio is one of the best DAW for Android that comes in free and paid versions.

N-Track Studio allows beginners to record with the app’s in-built mic or any compatible USB microphones. Aside from recording, you can easily compose your track using an external MIDI device or the onscreen keyboard. You can optimize filter selections to get the suitable tempo, instrument, and genre.

Other notable features of this DAW for Android are the Vocal Tune which helps to fix any imperfection in the pitch, Pitch Shift, and Match Tempo functions.

Also, the N-Track Studio consists of advanced audio routing functions, which allow you to create and keep a collection of groups and send and aux channels.

To enjoy this app, you have to subscribe to the premium version.


  • Free trial version available
  • Paid (premium) version with additional features – $14.95 per month

Key features

  • It has both free and paid versions
  • In-built mic and guitar
  • It contains advanced routing functions and Vocal Tune


4. Cubasis 3

Cubasis is another outstanding DAW for Android, which the Music industry giant Steinberg owns, and it is regarded as a junior to the famous Cubase DAW. It comes in a free version (which is limited) and a premium version.

Cubasis 3 offers unlimited midi and audio and midi tracks, including 48 kHz audio resolution to ensure professional sound quality.

Also, Cubasis 3 allows you to either record directly from the app or export an audio track to work on; it contains 21 effect plugins, 3 virtual instruments, and 550 loops.

One of the most notable plugins is the integrated channel strip plugin which gives you a perfect experience when mixing your music.

Also, it features a built-in chord pad function, an onscreen virtual keyboard, and an incredible Waves Plug-in integration (this feature is only available on purchase) to give you a professional touch.

Furthermore, this DAW contains Drawing automation curves. This DAW is perfect if you are looking for a professional DAW to produce your music and beyond.

Pricing: $29.99

Key features

  • Free trial and paid version
  • Built-in chord function that keeps playing
  • Drawing automation curves
  • Integrated channel strip plugin


5. Audio Evolution Mobile Studio

Audio Evolution Mobile Studio is one of the best DAW for Android that claims to be the most powerful MIDI and multi-track audio recording Android studio.

Audio Evolution Mobile Studio has unlimited undo/redo effects, real-time effects, and 250+ USB audio and midi interfaces. The best part here is that it has an inbuilt guitar, piano, and vocals that make you’re recording a perfect one.

Also, the app contains a lot of editing tools, including Pro Tools and Logic Pro.

Pricing: $9.99

Key features

  • It is a paid DAW
  • Unlimited redo/undo functions
  • Simple Automation and inbuilt piano, guitar, and vocals


6. Caustic 3

Caustic 3 is one of the most powerful DAW for Android beneath its elementary design. It features a scrolling rack interface and is optimized for a mobile (small screen) experience.

Caustic 3 was developed by the Single Cell Software and characterized by its muti wave synthesizer and is suited for beginners, music enthusiasts, and music lovers.

With Caustic 3, you can create up to 14 music tracks with over 10 instruments. Also, it offers 16 audio effects, including a reverb, bit crusher, a vinyl simulator, and so on. It comes in both free and paid versions.


  • Free version available but it lacks the saving feature
  • Paid version with additional features (saving and exporting tracks) – $9.99

Key features

  • Virtual analog subtractive synthesizer functions
  • It comes in both free and paid versions
  • It offers 16 audio effects, and you can create up to 14 audio tracks
  • Great for mobile use
  • Multi-sample wave synthesizer


7. Music Studio

Music Studio is a highly versatile yet straightforward DAW for Android. It is a paid DAW containing about 123 instruments and sustaining 127 tracks, sequence functions, real-time effects, and many more. The beauty of this DAW is that you can even play two instruments simultaneously.

The drawback of this DAW is that its responsiveness is bad, and its latency is relatively high.

Pricing: $14.99

Key features

  • It is a paid DAW
  • You can play two instruments at the same time
  • 127 track sequencer and 123 instruments


8. J4T Multitrack Recorder

If you are looking for a simple recorder to start with, the J4T Multitrack recorder is the best DAW choice. It is a simple but great software for a beginner who wants to learn how to use DAW and get the best from them.

This software was designed to be used for ideal recording and demos. It helps capture your sound sketches easily, anywhere, and at any time.

It contains simple effects such as Phaser, Fuzz, Chorus, Delay, Equalizer, and Compressor.

Pricing: $3.49

Key features

  • Records song ideas on four tracks
  • It is simple and designed for beginners
  • It has an in-built looper and export option
  • It contains simple effects


9. TouchDAW

TouchDaw is a Paid DAW for Android that allows you to create an excellent musical masterpiece. It is compatible with Android phones and tablets.

It is absolutely simple as it contains no special features. It is a full-time DAW controller with general-purpose MIDI tools, including a piano keyboard and configurable controls.

TouchDAW is simply a MIDI controller, and it does not record audio.

Pricing: $4.99

Key features

  • It doesn’t contain any unique feature
  • It does not record audio
  • Includes general-purpose MIDI tools.



It is essential that when choosing the best DAW for android, you should carefully examine its features, strength, and weaknesses. Furthermore, When selecting the best DAW for android, it is important to consider its cost, storage space, special features, in-built apps, the number of tracks its supports, and so many more.

Your need, level of expertise, budget, and music professionalism will also influence your choice of DAW. However, DAWs are excellent tools for musical artists and lovers.

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